Helping companies improve production, improve real-time collaboration and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Plant Managers, Logistic Planning Analysts, and Suppliers face a barrage of information silos and systems that slow down decision making and coordination. TADA turns this complexity into a competitive advantage by creating a digital duplicate of an entire supply chain, allowing your organization to quickly gain efficiencies and make better decisions, faster.

Our Supply Chain 360 solution provides the following benefits to your organization:

  • End-to-End Parts Visibility
  • Optimized Management of Inventory
  • Increased Production Schedule On-Time Completion
  • Reduced Time Spent by Material Planners
  • Supplier Order Priority in Constrained Capacity Environments

"TADA is extremely valuable in providing laser focus to meet machine build. We can’t wait to get all products on the platform.”

- Supplier to Fortune 100 Company