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Project SHIELD: Providing resource visibility to our community

By Kiran Khadke

In moments of crisis, timeliness is of critical importance.

In response to the current global pandemic, Tada Cognitive Solutions and partner consulting services company CGN Global, teamed up with the City of Peoria, Peoria County, and the State of Illinois to help better manage local resources.

Tada led the group in the creation of a multi-agency collaboration environment (MACE) to facilitate and orchestrate a coordinated response to the needs of citizens, volunteers, medical professionals, and various civic and government organizations. This MACE solution acts as a central hub designed to provide timely visibility to the local need of meals, medication, volunteers, financial resources, PPE, and more within the community. After coordinating such massive and disparate points of data, officials are then able to match the needs of our community with the resources available. Thus far, this effort has helped to streamline and make efficient use of available volunteers, medical supply inventories, and charitable contributions, as well as provide connectivity with over seventy social, civic, and government agencies.

Powered by Tada’s proprietary technology platform, the MACE solution provides each user with secure access to their own information while providing accountable owners with notifications of new requests, meal delivery assignments, and distribution of supplies. It alerts them to immediate and urgent needs while monitoring progress made in addressing all efforts in real time. Finally, this MACE solution acts as a centralized repository of future needs and requests for assistances in an organized, categorized, and time sensitive view to support advanced planning across the community.

This solution, based on Tada’s AI driven network technology, is helping the regional emergency managers, the State of Illinois, and the Regional Office of Education drive the right interagency collaboration using five separate points:

  • Care for youth

  • Care for seniors

  • Medical supplies/PPE

  • Volunteer dispatch

  • Donation management

Each of these five portals was established within 48-72 hours and have 100+ registered users. The portals are designed for large, complex organizations and therefore can easily scale up to cover regions extending beyond the five current geographic regions.

The magic of Tada’s technology platform is bringing together disparate data sources to provide large organizations the ability to see across their entire business ecosystem. This pivot to help our community best manage disparate data sources related to community needs and community resources is just one way we are helping the City of Peoria, Peoria County, the State of Illinois, and beyond emerge stronger from this global crisis.



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