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Delivering customized user experiences through purpose-built apps

By Stephanie Alkhafaji

Building applications that allow clients to solve difficult business challenges is something we pride ourselves on at Tada. It’s a multifaceted process that heavily involves Big Data – including data discovery, data modeling and data integration to name just a few. But arguably the most important aspect of the entire process is the development of the user interface, which governs user interactions and is at the forefront of the user experience.

It starts with frontend technology to build interactive user interfaces and manage the application state. Because we build it ourselves, we are able to develop custom user interface components that allow our clients to visualize their data and algorithms in engaging ways while enabling them to easily and intuitively navigate their workflow to streamline and expedite their own projects.

These components are also designed to allow developers to use all of the prebuilt functionality and integrate their own prebuilt components. This flexibility means clients don’t have to rely solely on the components that we have built. And most importantly, it means quicker speed to value for you.

We have also created our own design system that includes a common frontend visual style, along with a wide range of components that allow us to create customer-centric interfaces. Our goal is to develop a standardized set of components that allows clients to modify and adjust them to meet the changing needs of their various applications, as well as customize them based on their company’s ever-changing needs and strategies.

Building rich, modern user interfaces is critical to any application – and the components we develop help make that happen. This also allows us to achieve a few objectives that give clients the flexibility to configure our components to meet their application needs and customize to fit their company’s goals and objectives. These are:

  • Scalable Application Design Because there is an ever-increasing number of applications that our clients build and use, being able to manage application design at scale is critical. This allow us to develop components that can be “mixed and matched” in different combinations to develop larger, purpose-specific applications.

  • Reusable Components We are always looking for ways to streamline and improve the development process and having a standardized set of reusable components helps us reduce application build times.

When we think about the user experience, we consider every job function and role that touches our product – from c-suite executive to frontline user. That’s why we focus on building components and systems that allow anyone to configure their own user interfaces for the applications we develop. From upgrading without the need to code to drop-and-drag components, our visual interface allows for easy editing on the backend. This means your team can leverage the power of data models and machine learning outputs without delving into their “nuts and bolts” – which can have a big impact on the deployment of applications at scale.

We understand that traditional digital platforms are costly and burdensome – from the fees and expenses to initiate, implement and maintain the technology to the resources and training required to make use of them properly. That’s why our platform architecture is designed to help you execute meaningful decisions quickly and without the burdensome expense by giving you access to all of our purpose-built applications.



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