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A Marketplace Poised to Move Beyond Data.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Modern day organizations pride themselves on having a lot of data. But more often than not, these same companies have limited ability to make strategic use of that data. Companies who not only collect information, but use it to inform strategic decisions, advanced analytics, and meaningful visuals are poised to be market accelerators. The recent acquisitions of Looker (by way of Google) and Tableau (by way of Salesforce), four companies in the arms race toward more meaningful business analytics, have put a spotlight on this trend – one that shows no signs of letting up soon.

These acquisitions seek to create a more robust and unified stack for both Google and Salesforce. They are representative of a shrinking marketplace for second generation business intelligence (BI) tools that provide only visualization capabilities. Rather, the marketplace has moved to a third generation. A generation of more than just visualization or analytics tools, but platforms that provide comprehensive, end-to-end visibility into business ecosystems.

Fortunately for Tada Cognitive Solution customers, our platform has been paving this path since 2016. In fact, from our perspective these large players are late to the party and their recent acquisitions are representative of a scramble to do what we’ve been doing for years. From the beginning, Tada customers have enjoyed a completely integrated approach to data analytics and visualizations. We saw this is as a fundamental necessity to the success of our customers. And from the very beginning, our customers have been reaping the benefits.

Digital Duplicate®

Tada’s comprehensive platform provides organizations with a complete Digital Duplicate® of their organization. This Digital Duplicate® is a digital representation of the entire organization, allowing users to explore connections between previously siloed pieces of data. Since its inception, Tada has abandoned traditional data management in favor of creating a semantic data hub – an interconnected network of information that reflects the way our users think. It is this approach to business model representation and contextual data organization, paired with intuitive visualization capabilities, that position Tada as a unique player in this space.

For Tada customers and shareholders alike, these recent acquisitions should be a vote of confidence. Not only are sizable players moving toward our integrated approach, they are doing it in our shadow. We’ve spent years perfecting this model and developing proprietary IP that positions us on the forefront of this trend. These acquisitions are an indication of a market moving toward comprehensive data platforms that do more than create charts and dashboards but provide comprehensive visibility across organizational ecosystems. In other words, a market moving straight toward platforms that go beyond data. Platforms like Tada!

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