Redefining Data Platform Architecture

Disparate Data Sources

Disparate legacy systems stifle innovation. They bring about challenges related to capturing a mass volume of data, organizing and accessing that information, and putting that business data to use in a meaningful way. Whether your data sources are comprehensive CRM and ERP systems, or siloed spreadsheets that lack version control and consistency, the Tada platform ingests all your information to provide connectivity across your organization. Our platform can input any type of data, from any type of source.

Data Cleansing Layer


In the data cleansing layer, information is purged and updated to fit a desired perspective based on your relevant business priorities. Previously siloed pieces of information will be connected allowing users to see all relevant information under a pertinent lens such as sales, financials, productivity, and more.    

Digital Duplicate®

The Transactional Layer, Dimensional Layer, and Semantic Layer (below) are what make up an organization’s Digital Duplicate®. Tada’s Digital Duplicate® is a digital replication of your entire business. It’s a new way of organizing data that starts with a framework based on how you think about your business, rather than a framework dictated by the rigid constraints of your data sources.   

Transactional Layer 

Here is where we store all your transactions. Whether you are monitoring time sheets, invoices, PDFs or other types of files, these transactions are ingested and stored here for seamless recall and access when you need them.  

Dimensional Layer  

Our Dimensional Layer is a semantic data hub. Data hubs are quickly replacing the old model of data warehouses, lakes, and graveyards. In our Dimensional Layer, we organize information in a “network” of connections rather than a rigid frame of x and y axes. Use of our Dimensional Layer allows you to traverse freely through your data, rather than being bound by the inflexible structure in which it is stored.

Semantic Layer 

This Semantic Layer is the piece of our technology stack that serves as the cognitive network, or semantic framework, of your business. We map the relevant terms to your business – unique phrases, metrics, KPIs, etc. – that dictate the way you and your team operate on a daily basis. Tada’s Semantic Layer is what allows customers to traverse freely through their business data because it creates connections between previously siloed pieces of information.

Digital Portal  

The Digital Portal represents the entry point into your Digital Duplicate®. Whether you are immersing yourself via computer screen, mobile phone, or virtual reality glasses, your Digital Portal is the layer that allows you to interact with visual and intuitive representations of your business data. 

Compliant & Private

The platform is designed to meet the enterprise security, compliance and privacy requirements of our customers, particularly in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare, education, and technology.
Tada’s platform architecture is allowing customers to change the way they do business. Now, you have the power to see your complete operation clearly, immerse yourself in the data of your business and navigate intuitively. But most importantly, now you can make game-changing, money-making decisions.

Tada's digital platform is designed to fit your business goals. You can select the apps that will give you the greatest ROI, and we'll work with your existing IT architecture to build on your investment. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about what sets our platform apart, and send us a message to chat with a team member about your current challenges.


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