The Power of Tada!

The enterprise is faced with an overwhelming amount of information every day, hidden away in disparate sources. Tada connects that information, helps you identify what’s important, and enables you to clearly see your next move.

Overcome the Digital Divide, Faster

Siloed business operations, multigenerational technologies, the cost of change, the management time, and investment have made it prohibitive, if not impossible for traditional companies to scale the digital divide. We not only help you overcome these challenges, we do it at 10 times the speed of our competitors.


Creating the Digital Duplicate

By initially mapping the semantics of how a business, organization, or individual actually operates, TADA sets itself apart from competitors by focusing on cognitive thinking rather than the rigid structures of how data is traditionally captured, collected, and displayed. We call this the 'digital duplicate', and in 3 to 4 weeks, TADA can make a complete replica of your business using the semantics and language that you and your team understand.


Intuitive, Interactive & Informative

The TADA platform and its intuitive user experience turns complexity into a competitive advantage by quickly connecting data from multiple silos to unleash real-time collaboration and decision making. TADA's proprietary 360 View reveals unique insights that spark innovation and drive value across the entire enterprise at the click of a button.

Tada's Architecture Advantage

TADA lives on top of existing systems and does not require investments to upgrade current infrastructure. Once your Digital Duplicate™ is built, we bind existing sources to the model, clean and transform the data and then create a semantic layer on top of traditional BI infrastructure; providing us a clear advantage over our competitors. In as little as 4-6 weeks and with minimal upfront costs and disruptions, the platform can be continuously deployed; providing you full visibility and unleashing the magic of TADA within your organization.
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