Added Functionality - Gen 2 Widgets

It's Friday, so let's celebrate with some exciting enhancements within TADA! We've given the TADA user experience a facelift by integrating Gen 2 Widgets on the web. These new widgets will display your vast amount of data in a more user friendly manner. No more overlapping axis titles, axis labels or legend items!

The Gen 2 Widgets bring a handful of key benefits:

  1. Dynamic Axis: Automatically sets the y-axis based on the max/min values.

  2. Responsiveness: When expanded the view will go into full screen. This will enable the leverage of more data.

  3. Legends: Improved formatting of widget legends. 

  4. Toggle Data Series: Click on any legend to temporarily disable viewing on the widget.

There are a few methods to utilize the Gen 2 Widgets. Take a look at our release notes by clicking the "Learn More" tab for a brief description. If you need assistance enabling the widgets please reach out to your TADA contact. 

Enjoy your enhanced TADA experience!