Mobile Announcement - Next Gen Widgets



Next Gen Widgets 🙀


We have exciting news here at TADA that you don’t want to miss out on! In the near future, we will have enhanced widget features through the Next Generation of Widgets. This roll out of new widgets will bring new features and benefits that will optimize ease of use and clarity for the end user. These include: 

  1. Dynamic Axis: Automatically sets the y-axis based on the max/min values.
  2. Responsiveness: When expanded the view will go into full screen. This will enable the leverage of more data. 
  3. Pinch and Zoom: Allow the ability pinch and zoom. As well as panning to navigate to the hidden categories.
  4. Legends: Improved formatting of widget legends. 
  5. Built in Tool tips: Gives a clear view of the chart and is more precise with infinite navigation. 

We’re currently in the testing phase of adding Gen 2 Widgets into the Mobile App and Web will follow thereafter. We are working to create our best features, so you can work more effectively and efficiently. Look for these widgets on mobile to be rolled out by June 22nd!