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Improve efficiency & productivity at lower operating costs.

Be empowered.

With our platform, you get a clear view of all of your assets and how they impact one another. Is your supply chain at a bottle neck? Are your aftermarket services underperforming? With Tada’s manufacturing app suite, you will know the answers – and be empowered to make smart, money-saving decisions.


Utilize new technologies to become more efficient.

Within manufacturing, there is constant pressure to be more efficient and utilize new technologies to stay ahead of the game. With Tada, you get a clear view of your entire operation to help you solve your problems, maximize productivity and profitability, and identify bottlenecks.


Keep track of all the moving pieces.

By nature, manufacturing logistics involves lots of moving pieces. The management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption includes receiving, warehousing, shipping, transportation, packaging, and more. With Tada, you get an end-to-end view of how your logistics data impacts the rest of your business ecosystem.


Understand all the variables that affect your bottom line.

Maintaining a robust manufacturing operation means understanding all the variables that affect your bottom line. With Tada, you get a complete view of your entire operation so you can see how one area impacts another – giving you the power to make smarter, quicker decisions.


Supply Chain

With Tada you can optimize your supply chain by getting a complete 360-degree view of your operation – you will be able to see exactly where (and what) you are spending your money on and where potential savings and efficiencies might be found.

People Management

Improving employee engagement and satisfaction is a driving force behind successful business. And that starts with a better understanding of your workforce and identifying areas for improvement.

Customer Service

Today customers have access to more data than ever before, especially in the areas of product performance and pricing. Which means they have greater expectations not just from your product but from your business after the sale.


Sure, engineers build products, but building a better product starts with data – data on customer experiences, the impact of product changes, and behaviors across customer segments.

Operations Management

Oftentimes, businesses put process on operations to make cost-saving improvements in areas that are already relatively efficient. With Tada, you can increase the productivity of your operations, realize a significant cost savings, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

Product Management

Designing and developing a better product is at the heart of product management. To do that you need to understand what users’ need and deliver with the product.

Financial Management

Managing, consuming, and analyzing financial data can be overwhelming and time consuming. The Tada platform provides the ability to analyzes information across multiple sources, making it easy to set (and measure) performance goals and track profitability and financial models.


The sales environment is always changing and in order to succeed you need to transform your operations utilizing business intelligence and sales tools that keep your team ahead of the curve.

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