Helping healthcare systems improve patient satisfaction, collaboration, and increase efficiency across the continuum of care. 

Administrators, Clinicians, CFOs and Data Analysts face a barrage of information silos and systems that slow down decision making and coordination. TADA turns this complexity into a competitive advantage by creating a digital duplicate of a healthcare continuum of care, allowing your organization to quickly gain efficiencies and make better decisions, faster.

Our Healthcare 360 solution provides insight into the following perspectives:

  • Improving Revenue Cycle Management
  • Improving Operational Metrics/Process Efficiency
  • Improving Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Enabling Population Health Management & Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Retiring (selected) Existing Processes & Systems Including Elimination of License/Upgrade/Maintenance Fees

"I think TADA really has some great things going on. I look forward to your success in the market. It’s a sorely needed product that is done very, very well.”

- Vice President, Healthcare Staffing and Education