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Better Outcomes

Digital health, or the fusion of analytics and technology in the healthcare industry, offers huge potential to drive efficiencies and improve experiences across the value chain. With the Tada platform, healthcare firms can visualize their entire operation end to end. This holistic perspective provides the opportunity to make informed operational decisions for better outcomes from care management through revenue efficiency.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals need to balance clinical, patient experience, regulatory compliance, and reimbursement imperatives in a complex operating environment. With Tada on your side, you get a holistic look at your operation to enhance operational effectiveness, resource allocation, patient experience, and revenue realization.

Medical Practices

Positive patient outcomes are your lifeblood. And improving them is the goal of every healthcare provider. With our platform, you get a clear view of your entire operation across every site of service, physician, patient, referral source, and more. Armed with this knowledge, you will be empowered to make cost-effective decisions that positively impact patient outcomes.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

As America ages, long-term care facilities house an increasing share of the population. Operating these facilities is often compared to running a hospital.  Combine data from your business and EHR systems for ongoing decision support, nurse schedule optimization based on resident acuity, and nurse retention.

Healthcare Payers

While new entrants seek to disrupt, insurers and payers are uniquely positioned to manage population health. Combine data across your systems as well as wearable sensors and other external data to effectively nudge healthy behaviors and effective consumption of healthcare services via well-designed economic measures.


Operations Management

Applications for hospitals, medical practices, and nursing facilities to optimize operational effectiveness, and revenue efficiency.

Demand Management

Applications for payers and providers to effectively acquire new customers.

Care Management

Applications for payers and providers to optimize care for better population health outcomes.

Product Management

Applications for payers to derive insights on key product performance metrics and claims drivers.

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