Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tada?

The Tada platform is a digital platform that ingests information from varied data sources and synthesizes that data to create a Digital Duplicate® of your business. This Digital Duplicate® is a digital representation of you entire operation, allowing you to explore connections between previously siloed pieces of data.   


What is a Digital Duplicate®?

Tada’s Digital Duplicate® is a digital replication of your entire business. This digital model is formed as a result of mapping the language of your business – the terms, metrics, and KPIs that drive your operation. It’s a new way of organizing data that starts with a framework based on how you think about your business, rather than a framework dictated by the rigid constraints of your data sources.     


What is Tada’s app suite?

Tada’s app suite is comprised of purpose-built, prefabricated applications that are unique to the needs of your industry.  Whether you are a manufacturing client looking to deploy a solution to address material availability issues or an academic institution looking to improve student retention, our purpose-built applications can be quickly deployed for immediate value.  While our applications are prefabricated, they also allow for a degree of configurability that can address the unique circumstances of your business.  


What is the implementation process?

What starts as an ideation session to identify relevant metrics and pain points turns into situational awareness across your organization.  We’ll sit down with relevant members of your team to discuss current processes for data collection, analysis, and distribution. We’ll identify what business goals you are looking to achieve and use those answers to build your Digital Duplicate®. Within a matter of weeks, you’ll be able to navigate your digital ecosystem, revealing insights and solutions to the issues that keep you up at night.   


What are the advantages of using Tada within my business? 

The Tada platform is designed to help you execute meaningful decisions quickly, and without the burdensome expense. Traditional BI platforms can be costly and slow to implement. The fees and expenses to initiate, implement, and maintain the software, coupled with the resources and training needed to make use of these platforms, weighs heavy on any organization. The Tada platform is quick to implement, does not require additional user training, and is provided at a lower total cost of ownership than other operational excellence tools.  


Can I access Tada via any device?  

Yes. You can access your platform via any device – smart phone, tablet, VR headset, etc. Additionally, you can collaborate in real-time by sharing screens, notes, and insights with other members of your team. 


Does Tada require user training? 

No. One of the most unique aspects of this platform is its intuitive nature. Because we build your Digital Duplicate® with the terms, metrics, and KPIs that are familiar to you, you’ll intuitively begin using the Tada platform. You’ll easily navigate between elements of your business that make sense to you with no user training necessary. It’s our belief that the Tada platform should fit into your world, not the other way around.


Does Tada offer predictive analytics capabilities?  

Yes, the Tada platform has the ability to provide recommendation engines that help inform your decision making about future scenarios. 


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