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Power to be proactive.

The challenges distribution companies have tend to be the same regardless of the end products they deliver. Faced with consolidated buying, fluctuating fuel prices and demands for faster delivery, you must be nimble to succeed in this ever-changing world. With our digital platform, you now have the power to make proactive decisions that keep your business moving forward.

Dealer Network

A clear line of sight.

Dealer networks can be incredibly intricate operations with, in some cases, hundreds of service technicians out in the field providing service, repair and inspections. To manage it all, you need a clear line of sight to every aspect of your operations. With Tada, we make it easier for you to identify areas that need improvement, leverage what’s most profitable and adjust operations accordingly.


Maximize the use of your resources.

Maximizing the use of your resources is at the heart of any successful logistics operations. And since you face ever-increasing demands for speed and efficiency from your customers, you have to have an effective logistics and supply chain strategy. Effective strategies start with having a clear view of all the variables that are in play. With Tada, we give you that clear view so you can stay successful.


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