Our History

Based in Peoria, Illinois, TADA was formed in early 2016 out of CGN Global, a leading management consulting practice, as a response to the ever-growing need for harnessing complexity and vast amounts of information. After researching the market and uncovering gaps in the way that businesses capture and organize their information and data, TADA created the concept of a “digital duplicate” as a way to virtually replicate a business, organization or individual.


Our Mission

– To provide a robust, flexible and timely platform that can connect billions of people, products and places at every point in time.

– To create a user-friendly, intuitive method of visual navigation, analysis and experience, enabling exploration, decisions and success.

– To reveal a digital duplicate of the real world, providing two-way content connectivity that integrates with other tools and apps.




Customer Success
Closing the Loop

We are committed to not only listening, but responding to and solving our clients ever changing demands.



One Team
Valuing Others

We cheer each other on by listening, inspiring, motivating and having fun; keeping an open line of communication in an effort to be transparent in all that we do.



Honesty Breeds Excellence

We are truthful, transparent, ethical and sincere; the cornerstones of building an environment of stability, security and success.



Strength in Our Uniqueness

We respect our team members and what makes each of us unique. Our ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds help our company succeed.



Passion for Improvement

We are continuously improving ourselves and advancing our company by learning, growing and transforming.



Giving Back

We believe that our investing in our community today will lead to the growth and enhancement of our world tomorrow.