Your Supply Chain is broken.

Now what?

Do you have problems with visibility, collaboration and coordination?

We have practical solutions.

  • Suppliers-icon.png


    • Are they in “hot” zones?

    • Are they at risk?

    • Who are Tier2/Tier3  and what are their constraints?

    • What are the options for alternate sourcing?

  • Inventory-icon.png


    • What material do I have?

    • What is at supplier facilities, in transit, in warehouses

    • What are the upcoming gaps in availability?

  • Production-icon.png


    • What can I make with on-hand/incoming inventory?

    • What do I need to expedite?

    • Which plants do I shut down and when?

  • transportation-icon.png

    Transportation & Logistics

    • What changes do I need in capacity and routes?

    • How do I know when I need to expedite and what modes?

  • Customer-demand-icon.png

    Customer Demand

    • How do I respond to changing customer priorities?

    • How do I maximize profits while satisfying customers?

    • What production plan changes are needed?

  • People-icon.png


    • How do I drive collaboration?

    • How do I provide the right information to make enterprise decisions?

Who are we helping?

Fortune 500 clients in transportation, power systems, machinery, industrial manufacturing…


How do we do it?

A unique combination of high-touch and high-tech to provide high-velocity solutions; Command centers supported by remote teams.

Tada Technology

  • Cutting edge Intelligent AI platform

  • Rapidly assimilate disparate data

  • Synthesize into a digital duplicate of business

Exceptional Team

  • Supply chain, logistics, inventory management and operations expertise

  • Hands-on experience designing, implementing, and transforming complex global supply chains

Pre-built Templates

  • Pre-engineered for complex industrial supply chains

  • Apps for end to end supply chain visibility

  • Quickly adapted to your business

Extraordinary Thinking

  • Best practices in supply chain management and operations

  • Deep understanding of supply chain flow and logic based on practical lessons learned

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