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Tada Cognitive Solutions is all about finding new ways to help our clients leverage the data they already have in an efficient and intuitive way. We are breaking the old model of data warehouses and operational silos for a bold new world based around the relational nature of information and helping businesses transform the way they function as a result.

Seshadri Guha

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Walking into our offices, you might not see our fearless leader, because he’s usually in a state of perpetual motion.  He’s whimsical, full of energy, and the wizard behind the magic.

Mark Hanback

Executive Vice President of Solutions & Operations

Understanding your client’s business is critical. And there are very few people with as much as executive level experience working with manufacturing and operations than Mark.

Eddie Nath

Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing

It’s one thing to have a vision for the future, but communicating that vision takes a special talent. Eddie has that talent through and through.  He’s a seasoned entrepreneur who has launched multiple successful companies.

Sudhama Gopalan, PhD

Senior Vice President Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, Education

Sudhama’s extensive strategy, analytics and business leadership experience at global 100 firms makes him the perfect candidate to lead our Insurtech, Fintech, Healthtech, and Edutech businesses. He’s regularly pushing the limits of what’s possible within the four walls of Tada.

Mike Clark

Vice President of Legal and Administrative Services

When you’ve got a lot of great minds, it takes a special type of person to work with them all. And Mike is that guy.  He has over 35 years over experience that we tap into everyday.

Jim Comisky

Chief Financial

Sometimes the Chief Financial Officer can be kind of a vanilla position – not in Jim’s case. He brings a positive energy to the job and, with his vast experience and strong financial vision.

Stephanie AlKhafaji

Director of Marketing & Communications

One part content strategist, one part account director, master in the art of getting things done.  Stephanie has nearly 10 years of experience in marketing, public relations and strategic development.

Dave Carpenter

Director of Sales and Business Development

Working hard and being positive are a big part of sales and development. Dave brings both of those characteristics to the table – along with deep experience in growing businesses.

Tad Wharram

Director of
Technical Services

Tad has over 30 years of experience in the technology sector, especially in the manufacturing and natural resource industries, with the majority focused on Cloud Services and SaaS deployments.


Subbarao Turlapati

Chief Technology Officer 

One part data wizard, one part technology guru, master in the art of getting things done. Subbarao has an extensive technology background and is one of the original technical architects of the Tada platform.   

Devin Tailor

Vice President of Delivery and Customer Success

As far as experience goes, Devin’s is second to none. He’s a former NASA employee but at Tada we don’t require him to wear a space suit. Instead, we have him leading the charge on our product delivery process ensuring each customer receives a quality solution that is meeting their needs.  

Kumar Manu

Director of Insurance Solutions

Not only does he lead the charge in our Insurance vertical, he’s on the leading board for keeping everyone in the office smiling. His extensive background in insurance strategy and corporate development is a tremendous asset to our team.  

Harsh Shah

Product Manager

A true entrepreneur at heart, Harsh is a creative and analytical product manager. He’s got a background in development, road mapping and prototyping – and when it’s nice out, he rides his bike to work!


We’re always interested in talking with talented people. Send your resume to info@tada.today and we’ll be in touch!

Software Developer

The Software Developer position will be responsible for the design, development, documentation, and delivery of a highly available and scalable platform for our current solution stack.

Sales Executive

The Sales Executive position is responsible for sales, account management, and business retention for Tada products in support of profitable growth. The incumbent provides subject matter expertise, lead generation, sales presentations and account support for the applicable product segment.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst position is responsible for gathering, analyzing, and connecting data from disparate databases to create customer solutions across seven of our key industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Materials, Education, and Distribution Networks.