Featured Insight: COVID-19

Significant regional dependency is paralizing global supply chains. We believe supply chains networks will and should look different post the COVID-19 crisis. What are you doing to find your new normal? We can help.


Our Story

Tada isn’t just an anagram for data. We’re an intelligent digital platform that is changing the game for complex businesses.

Our Vision

We unleash the magic of data to empower businesses, their people, and the ecosystems in which they exist.

Our Technology

Having a Digital Duplicate® of your entire operation allows you to view your organization from any perspective and access our suite of purpose-built apps.




A digital platform that reflects the way you think.

You will be amazed when you first see our platform in action. It gives you a crystal clear view of your operations and how one aspect affects another. Having access to end-to-end information, you are empowered to make better operational decisions.




Improve efficiency & productivity at lower operating costs. 


Better outcomes start with better input.

Distribution Networks

Serve your customers the way they want to be served.


Staying ahead in an ever-changing industry.


Improve operational efficiency across the entire business.

Financial Services

Rapidly implement analytics and AI-driven solutions.



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You know you have a complex business with lots of moving parts. And it’s difficult—almost impossible, at times—to stay on the top of every single aspect of it. That’s where Tada comes in. Sign up below and we’ll show you how.



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